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Phone: (413) 467-1077    Fax: (413) 467-9077

149 East Street

Granby, Massachusetts 01033

B & B Gives Cats Rooms With View


By Stephen C. Hill, Staff Writer

Friday, January 26, 2001 Granby, MA

     At the Pampurred Puss, a bed and breakfast for cats, all guests get a room with a view. And what better view for a cat than one with fish.

     Each room at the cat kennel on East Street has a fully stocked fish tank for the entertainment strictly visual of boarders. The guests, at least according to their owners, think the Pampurred Puss is the cat's meow.

     They like the fish tank, said Nancy Clydesdale, of her two 10-year-old cats Chester and Amelia.

     Clydesdale, of Granby, began using the Pampurred Puss about 1 and a half years ago, after the cat kennel opened in May 1999. The amenities offered including big perches and scratching posts, a choice of food, and a lack of dogs, keeps her cats happy, Clydesdale said.

     There's such a difference when I bring the cats home from there compared to other places I've left them, she said.

     Robert Prevost of Northampton said his cat Eddy practically purrs when he gets to the Pampurred Puss.

Eddy always seems to have such a good time there, looking at the fish tanks, as well as socializing with other cats, said Prevost. And, Eddy gets his favorite treat, asparagus, at the kennel.

     Years ago I found out Eddy the cat likes asparagus from time to time, said Prevost. So, when he packs up Eddy and his blanket for a kennel stay, Prevost brings along some frozen asparagus.

     Karen Sands, owner and operator of the Pampurred Puss, is happy to do whatever it takes to keep her feline customers content.

     I'm a cat lover. I have 10, said Sands. I have the best job in the world.

Cool cats

     Sands first considered opening a cat kennel in 1997, when she saw one in Maine advertised for sale. That opportunity was too expensive and too distant from her Ludlow roots, but it got her thinking, Sands said.

I just thought that making a living taking care of cats, how cool would that be. And I found there was a need in this area, she said.

     She sold her Ludlow home and bought a house at 149 East St. with a former machine shop in the rear.

The timing was right, Sands said, because she was laid off from Smith & Wesson after 23 years as a machine operator. She spent about six months and $60,000 turning it into a cat kennel.

     She custom-designed the interior, with wide windowsills for lounging. She placed bird feeders outside for more visual entertainment for her boarders. The building was divided into four rooms with about 10 large pens for the cats in each room. The four separate rooms allow Sands to let more cats out of their pens at the same time without exposing them directly to cats from other households. Cats do better when you let them out of the pen, she said. Each cat gets at least an hour a day to roam.

     Of the fish tanks, she said, I had them in my house and my cats really liked them.

     Sands now has about 600 customers with 800 cats and is booked solid during popular vacation weeks. Of course, that means working every weekend and holiday.

     I don't mind because I love it, she said. All the cats are different, different eyes and different chins, different personalities. They're all individuals and you have to treat them individually.

     Most cats do well at the Pampurred Puss after a short adjustment, Sands said.

     The last place people took their cats was probably the vet's, so that's where (the cats) think they are. But once they see all we do is feed and pet them, they start to relax, she said.

     She charges $13.00 per day per cat, or $85.00 per week, which includes dry food from the 45 varieties she stocks. If a cat requires medication, special food, or exotic treats, owners provide it and Sands gives it to the cats.

     People love their cats, she said. I have people who leave roast beef, turkey, or tuna.