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Phone: (413) 467-1077    Fax: (413) 467-9077

149 East Street

Granby, Massachusetts 01033

From Our Facebook Group

April 26, 2014

To those in doubt- there is not a better pace for your cats (or mine) while traveling.

Brenda, Chicopee, MA
April 26, 2014

I have been using Karen's services for past 10 yrs or so and i wouldn’t trust my cats with anybody else! This place is amazing, i just wish us humans can find such a place to be pampered as much! Thanks Karen for all you do!

April 26, 2014

Thank you Karen for spending time with us today and showing us your beautiful place! Your spacious and clean facility will make the half hour drive worth the vacation for our cat George when we are out of town! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Angelika Kratzer

January 14, 2016

Jason was a feral cat and is anxious and shy. We brought him back home yesterday, and we are truly amazed about how relaxed he is. It feels like his stay at Pampurred Puss was therapeutic, rather than traumatic for him. Thank you everyone!

Angelika Kratzer

January 14, 2016

Angelika Kratzer Willy is sick, he can't absorb his food very well. There is always the danger of his losing weight. When we brought him home yesterday, he was happy and had gained quite a bit of weight. Thank you everyone!


August 26 , 2017

To all of Karen's customers at the Pampurred Puss:

If you think your cat doesn't like being left off there, then I'd like to share this.

My 11 yr. old Beau (from TJO), who came within hours of passing back in early June, was a visitor many times here. I didn't think he'd ever see them again, but he miraculously recovered from an unknown illness, and got to stay here for a few days in early August. Although he's a mama's boy, more shy than sociable, he seemed content when I dropped him off. Karen and staff know his routine, and kept me updated with his behavior which was good (for Beau), but uneventful.

Last night, as I was showing Karen's cat photos to a fellow cat lover house guest (from the British Isles), Beau was nearby. When I began to play the videos of Karen playing with the cats, Da Bird, and talking about the recent rock waterfall, Beau made a mad dash to my lap to listen. I turned up the volume as he sat looking at the computer screen, moving his head around, tail shaking, and twirling anxiously looking for Karen. We were both surprised to see him react this way, as he is not easily amused. THIS CAT RECOGNIZED HER VOICE AND WAS EXCITED!!!!! And if Beau can do this, I'm sure that all you other cat owners who think your fur babies miss you when you leave them, I'm sure they do. But just know that when THEY are away from the Pampurred Puss, they MISS being there, too! 😍 Thank you, Karen, and staff for proof of your loving touch!


August 26 , 2017

We have used the Pampurred Puss several times over the years to board or cats and have always come away satisfied with the experience.

It`s a comforting feeling to know one`s favorite felines will be as well cared for as if they were at home.

I would not hesitate to recommend them if you are looking to board your pet for any reason.

                     Jim and Sal
August 22, 2013

We have used your service many times over the past few years and have never been disappointed.  More importantly, our cats seem happy as well.  They are accustomed to going outdoors and having that option at your B&B is huge.  Knowing that they are secure and well cared for certainly adds to our time away.  Thank you, Karen and staff.  Wish we could move you to our new location!

John, Kathryn, Simon and Willow
17 Jul 2012

  Thank you for all of your extra attention, kindness and care you gave to Elmo while I was on vacation. It is greatly appreciated.
  Hopefully next time it will be “old hat”. At home he keeps crying. I think he’s crying for tuna fish!

Diane- Chicopee, MA
January 18, 2012

The Pampurred Puss is such a great place to board your cats. It’s peaceful and quiet. Each and every cat gets a full hour of attention and play time just to themselves. The staff feed your cat the right amount of food and keep their pens clean 24/7. The facility has a radio going most of the time so your cats get the enjoyment of some music and the cats have toys, a fish tank and other things to keep them busy including an outside pen for them to play in.

I would recommend the Pampurred Puss to all of you as it is a very well kept clean facility and the cats are always taken care of and everything is always clean.

Brittany- Granby, MA
August 11, 2012

Thank you so much for taking care of our lovely Jet. We will definitely bring him back to you for our future vacations. It is nice to see a compassionate and lovely person do what they love.

Jessica & Tim
September 9, 2012


I was a bit nervous about leaving my two cats - for the first time ever - while we went on vacation and had our floors refinished. I was especially nervous about leaving our 19-year-old, deaf, anxious Siamese. But it turned out I was more anxious than the cats. Our cats were comfortable, well cared for, and content. The Facebook updates and photos of the cats were fun too and helped to set my mind at ease. I highly recommend your services to others!

Eve Brown-Waite (Tizzy and Nitwit's mom)

August 8, 2015

I was a wreck when we first brought Dot and Snoop to Pampurred Puss.   They were older cats (14) and had never been out of our house. At first they were afraid to come out of their carriers, but once they saw the food cart coming out they came.  They did so well, that when we went to pick them up, I think they wanted to stay. :)

When Dottie passed away, we thought Snoop might not function too well there without her, but he did fine.  Karen, Lee and their crew are caring, kind cat lovers and do everything to make their guests comfortable.   The last time we brought Snoop he came right out of his carrier and was ready for rest and relaxation (and play).  Snoop has medication, which he is given every day while there.

The Pampurred Puss is in a beautiful setting where the cats can watch the birds at the outside feeders, and some cats do go outside in enclosed areas.  They exercise every day with "da bird" and are treated with love and compassion.  The facility is spotless and you would never know there are several litter boxes on the premises.  One of the many benefits is the facility is just for cats.  No barking dogs to stress them.

We truly believe Snoop likes his time at Pampurred Puss and is looking forward to his visits this year.

Jacqui and Dick Ruest, Ludlow

April 26, 2014

   I was nervous about leaving my cat in a kennel because he was always used to being left with a relative or going with me on my trip. My vet and some friends all recommended The Pampurred Puss and now I would like to recommend TPP to anyone in need of a cat kennel.

   This place is fantastic and no one knows more about cats or loves cats more than Karen Belanger. There are no cages, just big "cubbies". Your beloved pet is  given everything he/she needs to be comfortable. They are more than happy to give your pet his or her own food and let you bring any articles from home to put in their " rooms" with familiar scents on them. All the cats are taken out and played with AND are also let outside in a fenced in area to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of nature.

   Karen also posts pictures of your baby daily on Facebook so you can see them while you're away and you're always welcome to call her and ask how they're doing.

   When I came to pick up my boy, he didn't want to leave. Karen and I had to coax him in to take him home. This truly is a cat's bed and breakfast...and then some. I love this place and would take any cat there without hesitation.

Debbie Black

I’m writing a long overdue recommendation for Pampurred Puss, to let potential new customers know what a great place this is. I have to drive 24 miles to reach Pampurred Puss, but it’s worth the drive to know my cats will be more than well cared for. They’ll be happy during their stay.


My two adult cats stayed at Pampurred Puss for the first time over Christmas 2013…

Sondra Morrissey

December 28, 2014

   I was nervous boarding my kitty for the first time but after seeing Karen's facility, all the happy cats, and all the wonderful things they had to watch, scratch, climb,and jump on, it was clear the place was, in fact, a cat B&B, as advertised.
   While the separation was hard, it was made easier by the thoughtful pictures Karen uploaded to the internet of all her boarders. Seeing my kitty adjusting to a new place and starting to enjoy it made all the difference for me. By the time I came to pick him up, I think he was reluctant to leave!
   Most grateful to Karen, who clearly understands cats and their (sometimes neurotic?) owners. A positive experience for human and feline alike. I would definitely recommend The Pampurred Puss to a friend or anyone looking to board their cat while they are away.

February 22, 2015

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Many Thank Yous!

Gwen came back very happy and relaxed!

John and Autumn

January 3, 2017

Where do I begin to sing the praises of Pampurred Puss?  My cats have been going there for many years and I am totally satisfied!  The building is so amazing!  The cleanliness is top notch!  The boys are always happy there and Karen and her amazing staff are truly "cat lovers" and that is exemplified by their love and concern for our "purrfectly" happy cats!

Ellen Cecchini Gates
April 26, 2014

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